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    Getting started with Qt Quick

    This book introduces readers to building modern multidevice software applications with Qt Quick framework. Qt Quick is a cross platform development framework widely used for developing applications that can be run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase. Every concept is explained with source code and examples. The following is highlight topics in this book: 

    #Setting Up the Environment 

    #Basic QML concepts (text,image,colors,layouts,mouse&keyboard handling,states and animations)

    #Advanced QML concepts (custom Items, Model View Design Pattern) 

    #QML / C++ integration Examples 

    #A first smartphone application


    - “Introduction to Qt Quick” provides a clear and simple guide on getting started with programming in Qt. QML, Qt Quick and combining C++ to QML are presented with clear examples and explanations. An excellent book for anyone interested in getting into Qt programming! 

    – The Qt Company -